Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Saving Money on Shopping Trips

There are several tips that can help you spend less when you go shopping for your family's needs.
1. Shop on a full stomach. If you're hungry at the grocery store, you will buy more.
2. Shop only once weekly and go alone. The temptation to purchase impulse items is far less when you make fewer trips and you're alone.
3. Make a grocery list and a budget for every trip to the store and don't waver from it.
4. Purchase non-grocery items at discount stores, not the grocery store. They're always cheaper at discount stores.
5. Shop farmer's markets for inexpensive and good-quality seasonal produce.
6. Plan your weekly menus around what's on sale at your favorite store that week.
7. Shop when stores are quiet so you can compare prices without feeling rushed. Weekends and known paydays mean lots of other people and poorly stocked shelves in many cases also, meaning you will be making another trip for necessities.

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